Drug-Dealing Ice Cream Truck – Oxycodone sellers licked

Police have arrested 31 people charged with helping distribute nearly 43,000 pills of oxycodone, an opiate-based prescription painkiller, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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This ice cream van in New York’s Staten Island was used as the shopfront for a $1 million drug ring, prosecutors say.

Ice Cream Van used for selling oxycodon

Louis Scala, 29, and Joseph Zaffuto, 39, are the accused ringleaders.

Scala and Zaffuto relied on an accomplice, 40-year-old orthopedic surgeon Nancy Wilkins, to steal blank prescription pads from a local surgeon.

Louis Scala and Joseph Zaffuto.

Louis Scala (left) and Joseph Zaffuto.

The man then recruited dozens of people to have the prescriptions filled at pharmacies, prosecutors say.

Scala would then park his green-and white Lickety Split van outside his own house, where he would sell pills for about $20 each to adult customers waiting in their cars.

Prosecutors said the truck was “a primary sales point” for a booming trade that netted about $1 million between July 2009 and June 2010.

Scala would also be ready to serve ice-cream to kids who approached the van.

A retired police from the neighbourhood who chose not to be identified told the NY Post he would hear the ice cream van arrive playing music during the night.


Prescribed bottle of Oxycodone

“It did get a little frustrating when it would be out there at nine o’clock at night. I’d think, why the hell is he selling ice cream at night?” he was quoted as saying.

Lickety Split has operated in Staten Island as a family-owned business neighbourhood for 50 years.

Scala has been released on bail while Zaffuto and Wilkins remained in custody.

They face charges including multiple counts of conspiracy and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

They each face up to eight years in prison if convicted.

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