Crime Case Files Soon to Launch New Crime Information Library

As you might have seen there has been a bit of a slowdown on new Blog articles.

I have to say that I am the one to blame, I have been working on a new section for the site, it will be a New Home Page which will have Links to all of our content from this one central page.

A large Part of the site will now include Information about ‘The Facts’ , ‘Law’, ‘Terminology’ and ‘How To’ and ‘Help’ articles.

These will all be great reference articles and will provide links and resources to the best websites and services in each field.

One of our new pages

One of our new pages

Our new information section

One of our new information pages of the new section to be launched soon

The most powerful category on Crime Case Files is our Forum, It is how we started and it is how we have become who we are today. So all Articles will link to related topics on our Forum and Blog.

This is an exciting time for Crime Case Files and we look forward to the journey.

Thanks for your continued support and effort and stay tuned to the next step.

Thanks to all Staff and Members of CCF

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