How to do a Background Check the right way

Learn How to Do A Background check Properly There are two main search category’s that are used when searching for friends, colleges, the missing and people we don’t know, but […]

Learn How to Do A Background check Properly

There are two main search category’s that are used when searching for friends, colleges, the missing and people we don’t know, but want to learn more about their background.

The internet has been a haven for these background check companies because they can claim false promises, they claim to give you the world but give you little more that you could have done your self for free.

No one knows you better than you ! so that is a good starting point to see if the results are accurate.
With this bit of knowledge we will uncover where you should start.

The two different search category’s are:

1. People Search – Locating friends and Missing persons.

The most obvious place to begin is the most popular Search Engine in the World Google There are a few techniques that can help you to find background information, phone numbers, addresses, maps, even news items.
You can use Google to find residential and business phone numbers,
A reverse phone number lookup
A “reverse lookup” means you’re using the phone number you have already to track down further information.

You can find a lot of information about someone simply by entering their name in quotation marks, like this: “John Doe”

Google Image search is a very easy way to search for someone, almost everyone is a member of a social networking website and they will have a profile photo. This is very easy if you have some idea what the person looks like.

Create a Google alert for the name of who you are looking for. to set up a Google News Alert, go to the main Google Alerts Main page.

Also Google Maps can be helpful. You can also see reviews of businesses within Google Maps simply by clicking on their map listing, as well as any websites, addresses, or associated phone numbers.

2. Background Search and Public Records

This is the area that is very misleading and a bit daunting once you see what is on offer. Where do you start?
There are some free resources out there but be warned. If you see “Free Trial” this usually means that you will have to pay for results. You will be given an example of what the results will look like, and the example will not be related to your search.

Don’t give credit card details to see the results of the “search” !

These are a few steps that you need to do and should do first.

Find out the correct name of the person
Find their Date of Birth, without these two details don’t bother searching.

Do a Sex Offender search then a Federal Prison Inmate search followed by a Department of Corrections search

and Search Available County and State Court Databases. All these searches are provided by government with no cost, you should take the time to do these preliminary searches to gain the most information you can before you begin.

Now you are ready to find a Background Search database.

As you now know there are thousands of these database websites claiming to give you free or cheap results, Crime Case Files has a extensive database of crime cases and records which you can search for free.

Here is a list a of Background Check websites that I have used in the past that have been accurate and helpful. They have provided good and reliable information.

People Finders – Background Checks and Criminal Records for anyone. is the most reliable source for finding people and obtaining
records about them. Find people by name, phone number, address, or email. We
search billions of records to help you easily locate people, retrieving results almost instantly.

To see a preview of actual records for your search, signup is not required.

eFindoutthetruth, Inc. – Background Check Superstore, Inc. – They offer thorough background checks and criminal record searches in the public records research industry. Also offer private investigators to help you research your requests.

They do not offer instant searches. Each case is handled by an experienced professional researcher with at least 5 years of industry experience.

Net Detective

Net DetectiveNet Detective Since 1996, HD Publishing Group has been proud to bring to our customers the BEST in Internet search options. Starting with Net Detective, we quickly realized the need for quality data which could be searched by many different criteria.
It became apparent that in this competitive market, we’d need to buy our own data to remain “top of the line” in the search arena. We’ve never looked back. We continue to grow that database almost daily to provide the most comprehensive search services available today.

Intelifi Background Check, Screening, and Investigation

Intelifi Background Checks has been long recognized, by many businesses and consumers nationwide, as the #1 preferred background screening site on the internet.

Our success has been in the business of selling background checks and a variety of other instant reports to users online. Our rankings & testimonials speak for themselves.
In addition, our staff of live customer service representatives are available, free of charge, to help you process your report.

Where does this Information come from?

With the huge success of Social Networking namely Facebook and Twitter there is now a generation that publishes their day to day activity’s in the new “timeframe” structure let alone their not so discrete photos of their drunken work Christmas party, making a move on the bosses wife.

Yes there are privacy functions, but how do you gain friends (that you don’t know) to “like or “poke”

Compiling Information about people has never been so easy, so have a think about what you post online because once it is there it will stay there !

Background Checks

Learn more about how this information is harvested and who shares it. Coming Soon

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