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  1. Alcasser girls case, 1992, Spain
  2. Cops tell man who reports suspicious bag take suspected bomb to police station
  3. Aussie vegas stripper shooter ok for trial
  4. Man threatened on frankston line with knife
  5. Naked man on bike crashtackles policewoman is then tasered in west-end
  6. Karratha brothel theives steal sex toys
  7. California couple denies starving daughter to death
  8. Lawsuit filed after gym mat death
  9. Fumbling pyro sets himself alight while trying to set fire to a shop in Melbourne's southeast
  10. Humane officer shoots five kittens
  11. Dead body of Pamela Mays found in Mayfield Hts home
  12. Sheriff: Crying baby put in freezer
  13. Jodi Arias Case Bumps Bigger Story
  14. Gold found in family car on holiday drive in alps
  15. UK woman killed family in web of lies
  16. Two men holdup beaudesert fast food outlet after busting their way through a toilet wall
  17. Neighbor Kills Family's Pet Turkey
  18. Gail Gagne: Teachers Behaving Badly
  19. Police right to charge South Australian couple Jessica Angel and Colin Mackenzie over noisy sex poll says
  20. Steven Elliot Johnson- Arrested on Allegedly Keep Teen As Sex Slave
  21. Man in netball skirt flashes women in North Adelaide
  22. So a man cooks his own genitals is that a crime
  23. New Jersey man accused of threatening neighbor with gun for farting
  24. David Allan Baker faces contemt charged after unleashing tirade
  25. New York mafia families come to blows over pizza sauce recipe Colombos say was stolen from Bonannos
  26. Police appeal for help after brown sausage dog stolen along with owners car at gold coast
  27. Pervy perp again busted for sex with teddy bear
  28. Stolen apple outwits Leopold thief
  29. Man arrested over 964 phone complaints to Docmo store
  30. Woman bites partner
  31. Killer cannibal admits eating house guests heart and brain
  32. Bear Eats Convicted Murderer's Corpse
  33. Fla. cop shoots, kills naked attacker chewing man's face
  34. Aliens told prisoner to kill cellmate
  35. Man strips naked on street in front of Poilce after taxi row
  36. Mayra Gonzalez - Accused Of Affair With Daughter’s 16-Year-Old Boyfriend, Giving Birth To His Baby
  37. Brooklyn man guilty dead stealing mom
  38. Jamie Lynn Toler Allegedly Faked Cancer For Breast Implants
  39. Mom Sues Son For Stealing Lotto Jackpot
  40. Bad blood between clans led to Minto chainsaw mayhem
  41. Police Seeing Red Over Mom Who Put 5-Year-Old In Tanning Booth
  42. Man left crying in street after being trapped by German nymphomaniac
  43. Catholic School Teacher Allegedly Used Pen Camera To Record Girls Undressing
  44. Man Says He Was Driving 111 MPH To Go Have Sex
  45. Police launch new appeal in Pardeep Kumar case
  46. Police identify suspect victim
  47. Dog's Ear Cut Off , Then Glued It Back On
  48. Chinese fugitive evades police for 13 years by becoming TV actor
  49. Magpie steals $900 Gucci glasses
  50. Dopey driver stops the traffic and wanders off to an ATM
  51. Lust in the fast lane for love struck learner
  52. Senior navy officer charged with spanking a junior female officer on the bottom
  53. 2 New Bodies Could Be Linked to Craigslist Scheme
  54. Cross dressing robbers in Orlando
  55. Two accused in Denver of taking dead buddy out for night on town
  56. Man in Gumby costume tries to rob 7-Eleven
  57. Mom Convicted for Inflicting Hot Sauce on Kid
  58. Outrage after UK man jailed for giving partner genital herpes
  59. Bride arrested after her wedding
  60. Amish youth accused of drinking beer in buggy
  61. Jilted husband built electric chair in garage in an attempt to kill wife
  62. Man shoots himself in crotch
  63. Man charged over 'bubble wrap ' robbery
  64. U.S. air passenger arrested in saggy pants dispute
  65. Prison escapee caught after knocking on wrong door
  66. Man arrested for answering of nature behind tree at West End police station
  67. Girl shoots dad with arrow in phone dispute
  68. Indian Brides told to put down their phones
  69. Police: Ohio burglar took empty gumball machine
  70. Man tries to take horse on train at Wexham station
  71. Swedish police hunt for bank robber dressed as large furry animal
  72. Man high on bath salts arrested in bra and knickers accused of stabbing goat
  73. Man smuggles 4,000 fishzillas
  74. Mooning led to Casey Faines street fight with stranger in Brisbane CBD
  75. Man dead three years, still paying bills
  76. Jian Chen, 47, waited for her former boyfriend Xian Peng
  77. Illegal farting law could cause big stink
  78. Man seeks protection from sex-mad wife, in Germany
  79. Cat steals more than 60 shoes from New Zealand neighbours
  80. Mobile County man has been jailed 97 times in 29 years, records show
  81. 13 years old polite skater arrested
  82. Anis Saputra, 24, and Kiki Hanafilia, 17, caned in Aceh, Indonesia for extramarital kiss
  83. Police investigate child sacrifice claims
  84. Bungling burglar covers hands, but shows face to security cameras
  85. Forgetful motorist's $128k mistake
  86. Mum Regina Cooper jailed for holding toddler in scalding hot water
  87. Couple get 100 lashes for 'unlawful sex'
  88. Semaphore rescue after after dog paddle
  89. A koala walks into a bar and nods off
  90. Alleged toilet brush attacker charged
  91. 2 arrested in fatal shooting of boy on Halloween
  92. Man jailed for calling magistrate 'mate'
  93. Myrtle Beach woman cahrged with hitting 3 year old boy in head with egg
  94. Hijab crack leads to payback dack
  95. Man sought for indecent exposure at coffee stands
  96. Baby sitter, 11, charged with murder
  97. Burglar sleeps on homeowners' couch
  98. Woman Stabs Man Who Called Her Feet 'Smelly'
  99. Police: Woman made up acid attack story
  100. Man shoots doctor, then kills mom and himself
  101. Police: Naked Woman Stole Taxi
  102. Doctor Red Alinsod carves the name Ingrid into woman's uterus
  103. Wife's Cooking Enraged Gunman; 6 Dead
  104. Man charged over gay sex act in toilet
  105. Body of Las Vegas woman found in clutter at home
  106. Man shot ... but only notices years after
  107. The bodies of two infants hidden more than 70 years ago were discovered in an LA basement near MacArthur Park
  108. Adam Mann battered ex-wife over Facebook taunts
  109. Addlethorpe recycling baby had 'amateur birth'
  110. Boy shot in neck by father with air rifle
  111. Should the Catholic church scrap its celibacy rule?
  112. NY police find live cat 'marinating' in car trunk
  113. Surgeons arrested in Ukraine for selling transplant organs
  114. California police: Boy, 13, chained to table by father, stepmother
  115. mom cleaned bath with son toothbrush
  116. Boy, four, found dead in tumble dryer in Ashbourne home
  117. Grandmother on probation for assaulting police officer in Brisbane
  118. 1 accused of digging up body for bereaved Pa. twin
  119. Angus Pascall: EMT with 'fireman's key' accused of NY sex attacks
  120. Mother, 4 Children Killed in 3-Alarm NYC Fire
  121. 'Killer' mum admits spinning child in washing machine
  122. Hudson woman 'attacks husband for being bad in bed'
  123. Nicolas Cocaign trial: French cannibal killer ate cellmate's lung while victim was still alive
  124. Lovesick Indian Student Pours Pesticide into School Water Tank
  125. Man killed crying girl during World Cup game
  126. Mysterious ex-con Brian Alexik draws comparison to Jason Bourne
  127. Cabbie Foils Woman's Plot to Kill Her Husband
  128. NY bar owner charged in food critic's beating
  129. Parents Busted Trying to Sell Baby for $25
  130. Nuns Busted for pot plantation
  131. Prison and 90 lashes for kissing a woman
  132. Drunk Woman to 911 Operator: Find Me a Husband
  133. Church focus of 1997 teen rape case
  134. Police: Utah man beat, disfigured slain Ethan Stacy, 4
  135. 'Murderer' Freed After Victim Shows Up Alive
  136. Woman tried to use 911 as taxi service
  137. Clockwork Orange Killers Stomped Gay Londoner to Death
  138. No body? Usually no problem convicting
  139. Fireman gets 25 year to life for arson murders
  140. Bodies found in pieces in trash bags
  141. Vatican: Pope has immunity in sex abuse trials
  142. Police: NJ teen sold sister, 7, for sex at party
  143. Vampire Bites Cabbie
  144. 13 year old boy stabbed 12 year old in school yard
  145. Stephen Garcia's Murder-suicide note posted on Facebook
  146. Teacher accused of making 4th-graders fight
  147. Ohio Police Find Woman's Body in Backseat
  148. Delaware Pediatrician Accused of Molesting 16 Patients
  149. Virginia Tech student accused of decapitating student
  150. Traffic-cop shot porn with police camera
  151. Needles plunged into 2-year-old by stepfather
  152. Polish Police Arrest Video of Auschwitz Sign Stealing Suspects (12/21/09) Rabunkiem w Auschwitz-Birkenau
  153. Life in prison for scaring woman to death
  154. U.K. Man Cleared of Wife's Murder During Nightmare
  155. Dad accused of killing son over sex with tot
  156. Shaniya Davis :Foul play suspected in Fayetteville girl's disappearance
  157. Chimp victim seeks to sue state
  158. Michael Brewer- Set afire, a teen struggles to survive
  159. Anthony Sowell - Cleveland Strangler
  160. Police: Gang rape outside school dance lasted hours
  161. 'Too Westernized' daughter run down
  162. An Old Family Mystery
  163. Sheriff: Sweat lodge deaths ‘not accidental’
  164. Crime often pays for relic looters
  165. Cops: Man kills fiancee day before wedding
  166. Stupid Criminal File: Bank Robbery Nailed
  167. Stealing puppy at gunpoint
  168. Reality TV 'Preacher' Charged in Murder of Ex-Porn Star
  169. FBI: Census worker hanged with ‘fed’ on body
  170. 5 family members found slain in Ill. home
  171. GadgetTrack Catches iMac Thief
  172. Case casts spotlight on sex offenders
  173. Victorian man 'had four children with daughter'
  174. Minn. man charged with killing tot with bat
  175. Body of 4-year-old boy found in septic tank
  176. 2-Year-Old Among 4 Dead in La. Murder-Suicide
  177. Boy found behind wall at grandma's home
  178. Culprits topple 349-foot-tall radio tower
  179. Cops: Boy, 10, Murdered Father After Being Disciplined
  180. Multiple killings reported in Ga. trailer park
  181. Mother of 5 Found Murdered on Mothers Day
  182. Anchor Laughs At Murder Live On The Air
  183. Married man refuses to pay prostitute child support
  184. Tom Lowery- courtroom tasering
  185. 17-year-old Brazilian girl admits killing 30 men
  186. Man Groped Minnie Mouse
  187. My Cat Did It-Man Nabbed for Child Porn
  188. 40 women arrested for wearing pants
  189. Suspect charged in decapitation attack
  190. KFC Death Wrap
  191. Wife and scorned lovers glue unfaithful husands genitals
  192. Gunman kills 3, injures 11 at gay club in Tel Aviv
  193. Concentration camp survivor, 90, strangled
  194. Mom Guilty of Killing Four Daughters
  195. Baby Cut From Murdered Mom Found Alive
  196. Stabbed Model Names Boyfriend as Killer in Last Words
  197. Police: Mom says devil made her kill baby
  198. Three-Car Crash on N.Y. Parkway Kills 7, Including 4 Kids
  199. Bone found in cemetery leads to probe
  200. Did Hoffa men plot attack on FBI agents?
  201. Lawyer: Alleged assault of girl, 8, 'heartrending'
  202. Land mine left in Goodwill donation box
  203. Rats chew girl's toes off
  204. NFL QB Roethlisberger Accused of Sex Assault
  205. Judge closing mortuary that cut corpse legs
  206. Teacher attempts murder of student
  207. FBI asked to investigate attack on white family near Firestone Park
  208. NYPD: Missing high-rise worker might be in trash
  209. Couple who adopted 12 killed in home invasion
  210. Bodies dug up, cut up at black cemetery
  211. Teen Girl Dug Up To Be Corpse Bride
  212. Dead Girl Found In Closet
  213. Somalia- double amputations
  214. Cops: Teens mistake sex screams for assault
  215. Cops shoot Texas pastor with Taser
  216. Suspected serial killer leads police to bodies
  217. Son of 'master counterfeiter' arrested
  218. Main Line murders echo 30 years later
  219. Arrest in Murder Case from 30-Years Ago
  220. Conn. Man, Wife Found Dead After Frantic 911 Call
  221. Head and arms found in alleged killer’s freezer
  222. Convicted Killer Given Second Death Sentence
  223. Mother pleads guilty to drunken breast-feeding
  224. Pimple drug cited in cheerleader's killing
  225. Man Arrested After Girl Says 'Daddy Killed Mommy'
  226. Family fears neighbor's strange behavior
  227. Man raped in Stockholm suburb
  228. Customers Continue Shopping After Clerk is Murdered
  229. Man charged with posing as dead mom
  230. 911: Family killed as woman begs for help
  231. Teen Suspect Arrested in Fla. Cat Killings
  232. Craigslist Helps Police Make 2nd Arrest in Rape Case
  233. Christian Raped, Killed for Refusing Islam, Family Says
  234. Police: Murder suspect lied about pregnancy
  235. Wash. man sentenced for having sex with dogs
  236. Animal Rights Terrorism on the Rise in U.S.
  237. Marine recruiter pimping teen
  238. Mom guilts kids into armed robbery
  239. Robert Wone Stabbing
  240. Raw Surveillance; Pharmacist Shoots Armed Robber, Was Charged With Murder
  241. Girl, 3, Shoots, Kills 2 year old Brother
  242. Pharmacist Who Shot Robber Is Charged With Murder
  243. Police have doubts about reported abduction
  244. Teens cover up disappearance of classmate
  245. NYPD Forensic Investigator Turns Victim of Brutal Crime
  246. William Cunningham Gets 100 Years in Poisoning Case
  247. Mom did CPR on son, then killed him, police say
  248. Angelo Mendoza Accused Of Eating Sons Eyes Out
  249. Paul Bergrin A Former Federal Prosecuter Charged With Murder And Racketeering
  250. Thousands beaten, raped in Irish reform schools