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  1. DNA unlocks jack the ripper mystery
  2. Victorian killer dubbed the northern territorys own hannibal lecter
  3. The pyjama girl murder
  4. Dimensions in time
  5. Newtown Parents Press to Keep Evidence Secret; Media Seek Release
  6. Drug king Anthony Perish put million dollar hit on gold coast bikie facing jail for refusing to name him
  7. Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Arrested in California
  8. Former Nickelodeon Star Arrested
  9. Escaped Victim Of Jeffrey Dahmer In Prison Himself
  10. Are the West memphis 3 Guilty ?
  11. Judge Orders Casey Anthony to Serve Probation
  12. 4 bodies found near New York beach
  13. FBI hunt is on for missing Australian girl Zahra Baker
  14. Flint man says he's 17th victim of serial knifer
  15. Death by stoning in Iran: international outrage leads to last-minute reprieve
  16. Vatican astonished at Belgian police raid
  17. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
  18. Con man Edward W. Edwards admits he murdered 4 in Wis., Ohio
  19. Joran Van der Sloot
  20. Child raped, left to die gets justice 20 years later
  21. Hall of Fame linebacker Taylor accused of rape
  22. Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Files Made Public
  23. Rodney Alcala 'The Dating Game Killer' To Face More Murder Charges
  24. Pamela Smart: I never wanted husband killed
  25. Cops Question Boyfriend in Grisly Murder of Playboy Model
  26. Doubts linger in West Memphis 3 case
  27. Escape From Alcatraz And A 47-Year Manhunt
  28. Fort Hood Deadly Shooting Rampage
  29. Elizabeth Smart to Testify?
  30. Mob heir ‘Junior’ Gotti on trial for 4th time
  31. New York braces for another Gotti trial
  32. DJ AM found Dead with crack pipe
  33. Hoffa Case, New claims, gun surface
  34. Jasmine Fiore-murdered nude body found
  35. Suspect in ’64 civil rights killings dies
  36. Lockerbie bomber
  37. Even in death, no rest for Emmett Till
  38. Boxer Gatti's Wife to Face Murder Charge
  39. Samantha Knight-Little Girl Lost
  40. Former DC Mayor Charged With Stalking
  41. Former NFL quarterback shot, killed
  42. Trial of President William Clinton
  43. Columbine High School shooting
  44. Darlie Routier
  45. Masked gunmen open fire on cricketers
  46. Clark Rockefeller
  47. Polanski lawyers lose bid to bar L.A. judges from rape case hearing
  48. Zimmerman vs Martin
  49. DNA Tests Confirm Remains Are Caylee Anthony
  50. Man Who Found Skull In Caylee Case Sent Police Tips Months Ago
  51. Drew Peterson Engaged Again
  52. Florida police say Adam Walsh murder solved
  53. Amanda Knox - Murder Trial
  54. Jonestown, 30 years later
  55. Pirates,Hijacking for Ransom- Somali and others, Big Business
  56. Victim Of Serial Killer Identified After 35 Years
  57. Vick to Plead Guilty to Dogfighting Charges
  58. 'Precious Doe' Defendant, Harrell Johnson, Kicked Girl, 3
  59. O.J. Simpson's Ex-Wife, Man Found Slain
  60. Confessed Accomplice Talks About Serial Shootings
  61. Jasmine Richardson: The youngest person ever charged with multiple counts of murder in Canada
  62. Scientist Set to Discuss Plea Bargain In Deadly Attacks Commits Suicide
  63. Caylee Marie Anthony, 2, Missing For Over A Month
  64. Mark O. Barton
  65. Michael Jackson
  66. Skaf Brothers - rapist
  67. JFK "magic bullet" theory
  68. The Dr. Sam Sheppard Trial
  69. Marybeth Tinning
  70. The Trial of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain
  71. The Oklahoma City Bombing & The Trial of Timothy McVeigh
  72. The Black Dahlia Story
  73. John George Haigh: The Acid Bath Murderer
  74. Herb Baumeister
  75. The Cleveland Torso Murder