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  1. Learning About Juvenile Justice
  2. The Top Ten Justice Developments of 2012
  3. Budget Cuts Place US Legal Aid System 'In a State of Crisis'
  4. Man Sentenced To Three Days In Jail Because Of His Pants
  5. Steve Jobs - FBI File, Reveals Bomb Threats
  6. Livestock treatment debated at Supreme Court
  7. Voting laws put democracy in peril
  8. Justices to decide police use of GPS devices on suspects' cars
  9. Texas mom challenges transgender widow's marriage
  10. Wisconsin men guilty of seeking sex with corpse
  11. Rigger acquitted in deadly '08 NYC crane collapse
  12. Christians Fear Bias if City OKs Gay Bias Ban
  13. Man who got stuck in chimney convicted of burglary
  14. Mom Charged With Failure to Save Child From Beau
  15. How to Defend Yourself in Criminal Court Without an Attorney
  16. Steps needed to File a Federal Criminal Case
  17. Chelsea's Law-to pass a law aimed at sexual predators
  18. Saudi Law Would Allow Women Lawyers in Court
  19. Crime Victims Can Be Sociopaths
  20. Judge Rules S.C. Unable to Issue License Plates With Cross
  21. Court Ponders Life Sentences for Juveniles
  22. Judge bans the word rape
  23. D.C. Sniper Muhammad Loses Appeal
  24. Long, Hot August for Lawmakers
  25. Ex-lawmaker convicted in freezer cash case
  26. Wis. jury: Father guilty in prayer death case
  27. Man charged in killing of 2 deputies
  28. Prosecutor: Dad Killed Girl to Avoid Child Support
  29. FDNY exams discriminate, judge rules
  30. McCain, GOP Settle With Jackson Browne
  31. Judge: CIA Used Fraud to Get Wiretap Case Dismissed
  32. Ind. prosecutor tried cases with inactive license
  33. Young hunter who killed hiker gets 30 days
  34. ACLU Outraged After Cops Seize Upside-Down Flag
  35. Ginsburg: Bring On Sonia
  36. Man charged with confining stepson for sex
  37. Firefighter faces jail for killing dogs
  38. Yanks: OK to Use Restroom During God Bless America
  39. Mom denies withholding son's meds
  40. DNA can prevent crime
  41. N.H. weapons, conspiracy case begins
  42. Courtroom Brawl After Defendent Smiles At Victims Father
  43. New challenges in faith healing cases
  44. Minnesota Supremes: Franken Won Senate Race
  45. Man gets life in student slaying
  46. Roberts: Supreme Court not setting school rules
  47. Impeached federal judge to resign
  48. Partial win for strip-searched teen
  49. Defendants get OK to cross-examine lab staff
  50. No bail for blogger accused of threats
  51. Court Will Quash Key Voting Act Provision—Next Time
  52. Typo cuts drug offender's prison term
  53. Immigration enforcement in Ariz. could toughen
  54. Court: No constitutional right to DNA tests
  55. New York Leads Most States in Number of Wrongful Convictions
  56. U.S. Citizen Pleads Not Guilty to Terror Charges in UAE
  57. Terrorist Can Sue Over Torture Memos: Judge
  58. Five Found Guilty in Maori Exorcism Death
  59. SC Court Orders Gov to Take Stimulus Cash
  60. New Hampshire Legalizes Gay Marriage
  61. Public defender offices are in crisis
  62. US Judge Boots Warrantless Wiretap Cases Vs. Telecoms
  63. Study Reveals Faults With Eye Witness Testimony
  64. Muslim charity founders get 65 years in prison
  65. Battle Over Prop 8 Moves to Federal Court
  66. Former NYPD commissioner Kerik indicted
  67. Sonia Sotomayor - Judge
  68. Congressman Calls for End to 'Birthright Citizenship'
  69. As Threats Soar, Court Officials Pack Heat
  70. Supreme Court Showdown
  71. Bondsmen say new policies bad for business
  72. Franken, Coleman Fight Over $94K in Legal Fees
  73. Mom arrested for neglect of 555-pound teen
  74. 7 charged in Craigslist prostitution case
  75. Warrant Issued for Mom of Boy, 13, Resisting Chemo
  76. Attorneys Learn Loan Law to Help Homeowners
  77. Rove Will Be Questioned Over Attorney Firings
  78. Jesse James Hollywood 'Alpha Dog' murder trial
  79. Enron ex-CEO takes appeal to Supreme Court
  80. Ex-soldier: 'You probably think I'm a monster'
  81. Rodman Fined $225K for Inappropriate Touching
  82. Court Limits Vehicle Searches Without Warrant
  83. Jury Selection Set in N.Y. Bouncer's Trial
  84. Washington Legislature expands gay partnerships
  85. Trial begins in transgender slaying
  86. Afghans Stone Women Protesting Marriage Rape Law
  87. Vermont moves to reduce teen ‘sexting’ charges
  88. Ex-stepdad of slain girl pleads to porn charge
  89. Rape charge filed in dead baby case
  90. Judge reprimands U.S. for secret recordings
  91. Eyewitness identification: Line-ups on trial
  92. Ex-butcher killed, dismembered boss
  93. Polls open in Indonesian parliamentary elections
  94. When Police Officers Lie
  95. 2006 county murder conviction overturned
  96. NASCAR Settles $225M Harassment Lawsuit
  97. Quaids Settle for $750K in Babies' Overdose
  98. Montana third state to legalize assisted suicide
  99. Order in the Court: Feud between judge and assistant DA must end
  100. Murder case dropped in Dutch woman's late abortion
  101. Tales from the Court
  102. Man Convicted On Faulty Forensics Sues For $12 Million
  103. Second Time Border Agent Case Ends In Mistrial
  104. Supreme Court Dodges 'Rape' Testimony Issue
  105. Kiddie courts plan 'absurd', says magistrate
  106. Las Vegas jury finds O.J. Simpson guilty
  107. Capital Punishment: A Necessary Part of Justice in the United States
  108. Double jeopardy
  109. Steps to a Trial