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  1. On camera: Serial killer's chilling defiance
  2. Video shows officer's son punching homeless man
  3. Swimsuit designer was strangled and drowned
  4. 2 die in Michigan gas explosion
  5. Disgraced ex-Israeli president convicted of rape
  6. Police watching Stab and Fight
  7. Mom Charged in Son's Oil-and-Vinegar Death
  8. Woman arrested in death of 12-year-old boy
  9. Kidney donation a condition of sisters' parole
  10. Loss of rental beds forces 33 Yakima jail layoffs
  11. Top Crime & Punishment Stories of 2010
  12. To Be Released, Inmate Must Give a Kidney to Sister
  13. Polygamist sect leader pleads not guilty to sexual assault
  14. Man defends reading wife's e-mails
  15. Unfriendly skies: Teen hit over phone
  16. Decision on 'Billy the Kid' pardon expected soon
  17. Israeli Authorities Deny Palestinian Prisoners Access to Lawyers
  18. Police Release Video Of Man Setting Fire To RV
  19. Amber Alert Issued for Texas Boy
  20. Woman Sues Bengals After Drunk Fans Fall on Her
  21. Man confesses in body-in-luggage case
  22. Body of burned child found in Texas
  23. Man calls wife's death sex accident
  24. College athlete charged with rape
  25. Flyer charged after bag ignites
  26. 5 teens found dead in Florida motel
  27. Cuba's Supreme Tribunal commuted the death sentence of an anti-Castro activist, the country's last death row inmate
  28. Bank Robbers Hide AK-47s in Baby Carriage, Steal $800K
  29. Real Estate Agents Reviewing Safety Precautions in Wake of Ohio Crimes
  30. Tell your Supervisor to bring a Lawyer
  31. Navy Man Nailed With Powder Leaps to Death at Airport
  32. 911 caller: 'This girl is not waking up'
  33. Cocaine in Easter eggs seized
  34. Assad receives released prisoner Samir Kuntar
  35. Man Passes Out in Cab— Carrying Tons of Meth
  36. Lawsuit Accuses Marshals of Dirty Madoff Loot Sale
  37. Arizona lawmaker attacked on Christmas
  38. Marshall Harry’s family seeks fresh probe of murder ?
  39. The Potential of Prison Libraries
  40. Tampa man arrested for attempted murder
  41. Dangerous police station of Turkey ....
  42. Gov. sorry for letting killer go, not asking
  43. Jailed Tycoon: Putin is Pitiable
  44. Police probe death of model at home of beer heir
  45. Burglar makes off with valuable Warhol, Lichtenstein prints
  46. 10 hurt in lunchroom brawl at Arizona prison
  47. Man indicted on terrorism-related charges
  48. NY governor commutes sentence in fatal shooting
  49. BRIEF: Shop owner fires at would-be robber's truck
  50. Whew: Santa Didn't Rob RI Yacht Club
  51. FB post falsely accuses man of slayings
  52. Police identify woman found dead in suitcase
  53. Prisoners released after Code change
  54. Drunk Driver Busted With 15 Sheep in His Mercedes
  55. Video may show suspect, suitcase linked to slaying
  56. Rape/ Mustard Seed zooms on overseas market
  57. Toyota Settles Runaway Lexus Crash for $10M
  58. Contestant offers reward in wife's death
  59. Residents patrol streets for serial killer
  60. $15K bail for pedophilia book writer
  61. Jim Morrison's bandmates: Pardon is too little, too late
  62. Gunman-whacking purse sells for $13,000
  63. Dangers for Drivers During the Holidays
  64. Tyler Clementi's Parents to Rutgers: We May Sue
  65. Drunk driver gets life for pitcher's death
  66. Parents of gay Rutgers student who killed himself may sue
  67. Madoff aide surrenders in alleged Ponzi scheme
  68. Man held after shooting, standoff
  69. Author of pedophile book claims entrapment
  70. Belarus: Poll candidates face 15 years' jail
  71. Russian Police Arrest FAIL
  72. Man Faces Charges After Tossing Puppy From Car
  73. Jail for American who abused Haiti boys
  74. Philadelphia police hunt serial killer
  75. Baltimore bomb plot suspect indicted
  76. Internet radio host sentenced for threatening judges
  77. Lebanese PM to UN: Don’t Investigate My Father’s Murder
  78. Stay Safe During the Holidays
  79. Crossbow Killer: I've No Time for Human Race
  80. Mom: Exhume Mitrice Richardson
  81. Executions continue steady decline
  82. Jury awards $152 million in smoking death
  83. Deputies smuggled contraband into jail, arrest reports say
  84. Court Clears Golfer Who Didn't Yell 'Fore!'
  85. Reported crime still falling, FBI finds
  86. Protecting Children During the Holidays
  87. Author of 'how-to' for pedophiles arrested
  88. Opinion: Murder victims summed up with a label
  89. Two finance company directors sent to prison
  90. A sick POS double murderer laughs at pictures of the bodies
  91. SEC Opens Inquiry Into HP's Ex-CEO Hurd
  92. China jails 8 for selling fake rabies vaccine
  93. Home Safety Tips for the Holidays
  94. 12 Busted in Terror Raids in England, Wales
  95. Ex-partner questioned over murder of woman and her son
  96. U.S. tourist's body found in Israel
  97. Beasts treatment KOd by jail move
  98. Rapper Who 'Fessed to Cold Case: I Didn't Know Victim Died
  99. Helmut Seifert Father castrates daughter's boyfriend with bread knife
  100. Ryan Devaney New York City man stabs parents, jumps in front of subway train
  101. ?40 Year Old Virgin? actor Shelily Malil sentenced to life for stabbing ex-girlfriend
  102. Kennesaw man charged with double murder
  103. Police: Couple plotted murder, baby theft
  104. Woman who tried to stop Florida gunman puts purse up for auction
  105. Report: Sprinklers were turned off during huge mall fire in California
  106. California man charged with trying to sell military jet to Iran
  107. Virginia man arraigned in cross-country abduction of girl, 12
  108. '40-Year-Old Virgin' actor gets life in prison for stabbing
  109. MEXICO: Over 140 prisoners walk out of Mexican jail
  110. Guy In A Bait Car Breaks Into Other Cars And Runs From Police
  111. Holiday Safety Quiz
  112. India-born actor gets life for stabbing girlfriend
  113. Brasilian police taser training!
  114. Arizona Sues Bank of America
  115. Death row inmate receives animal euthansia drug in lethal injection
  116. 65-year-old man's body parts strewn across 3 Florida counties
  117. Meteorologist to plead not guilty to falsely reporting attack
  118. Remains found on Long Island aren't those of missing woman
  119. Slain tanning salon robber linked to past shootings
  120. Weekly Crime Poll: Holiday Shopping Online
  121. Oklahoma Executes Man Using Animal Drug
  122. Bones found on Pacific Island may belong to Amelia Earhart
  123. Ex-Detroit mayor facing new charges
  124. Boyfriend indicted in death of swimsuit designer
  125. Three friends vanish after leaving work together
  126. Defense: Booze, Adderall Led to Yeardley Love's Death
  127. Dutch police arrest preschool paedophile
  128. Abdul Manan Othman married Siti Maryam Mahmod It's my right, says bride, 14
  129. FBI joins police investigation of 4 bodies
  130. Man charged with murder in dismemberment case
  131. Bones found in Peter Falconio murder hunt 'not human'
  132. Attempted Murder Caught On Tape
  133. Answering the Door During the Holidays
  134. Hot-Tubbing Burglars Leave Undies Behind
  135. Oxfordshire school teacher jailed for abusing pupils
  136. Three convicted of Treeby family murder in Kent
  137. Angelina Sara Jane Mitchell Woman given life for South Belfast knife murder
  138. Donna Stanton Sex acts prison officer jailed for two years
  139. Fla. board members told they would die
  140. TV meteorologist arrested for false sexual assault report
  141. Widow of Mark Madoff asks for privacy
  142. 4 in custody after border patrol agent killed
  143. A second man has been charged with the murder of a young father who was found dying in the street.
  144. Police Accused Of Excessive Force
  145. Mom Sues McDonald's for Marketing Happy Meals to Kids
  146. Peter Lawrence a US man, 71, jailed for wheelchair bank robbery
  147. Gunman hits Bellagio, gets $1.5 million in chips
  148. Global child porn ring broken up, Feds say
  149. Virginia abduction suspect waives extradition
  150. NY state senator charged with embezzling from nonprofit
  151. Boy, 14, gets life sentence for murder
  152. Use Your ATM Safely
  153. Birther Army Doc Who Refused to Deploy Pleads Guilty
  154. Man opens fire at school board meeting
  155. Feds: Man threatened D.C. transit system
  156. Groups partner to tackle money laundering, economic crimes
  157. Gunman Kills Self at Florida School Board Meeting
  158. Lawyer: Madoff won't go to son's funeral
  159. Four bodies found near New York beach
  160. Police: Missing teen spent month in shelters with uncle
  161. Lawyer: DNA tests shed doubt on guilt of 'stocking strangler'
  162. More charges in deaths of Alabama children
  163. S.Africa's Zuma sues over rape cartoon -lawyer*
  164. Susan Polk's Murder Conviction Upheld
  165. WikiLeaks Cable Triggers Lawsuit Over Journo's Death
  166. Former TV chef sentenced in murder plot
  167. Baltimore bomb plot suspect makes court appearance
  168. 3 discharged gay service members suing for reinstatement
  169. 10 injured in overnight shooting in Vancouver
  170. Baby survives crash after police chase
  171. Banbury murder inquiry - amendment
  172. Disabled Student Activist tipped From Wheelchair By London Police.
  173. Harvard Vandals Douse Gay-Issues Books With Pee
  174. George Webb a Sheffield man, 73, jailed for wife's 'mercy killing'
  175. Matthias Dawson Man jailed on appeal over pregnant ex-girlfriend attack
  176. Police question alleged abductor of Virginia girl
  177. Crime Library is now on Facebook
  178. Police Quiz Virginia Girl, Abductor
  179. Screws Tighten on Madoff's Surviving Son
  180. A newborn baby girl stolen from a hospital in Germany has been found and two suspects have been arrested, police say.
  181. Not Going to Mark Madoff's Funeral: Bernie
  182. Sara Ege the Mother charged with boy's murder after Cardiff fire
  183. 4-year-old girl's remains believed found
  184. Boyfriend arraigned in death of swimsuit designer
  185. Teen may have fallen from plane
  186. Mexican forces kill top drug lord
  187. Jailed Ga. Man Released Early in Soldier's Beating
  188. Police Chief Blames '09 Beating On Bad Training
  189. Victim testified she was forced into polygamous marriage, endured near daily rapes
  190. Mark Madoff Hadn't Spoken to His Father in 2 Years
  191. 'Concern' over fibre evidence at trial of Simon Hall
  192. Missing girl found alive
  193. Columbia prof held on incest charge
  194. Iran broadcasts murder 'confession'
  195. Elizabeth Smart: 'It Is Possible to Move On'
  196. Swedish couple's sex act ends with man stabbed, woman arrested
  197. Girl, 16, sentenced to six months' detention in UK over false rape claim
  198. Elizabeth Smart 'thrilled' with verdict
  199. Swimsuit designer killed in New York hotel
  200. Autopsies seek cause of family deaths
  201. Driver charged with murder in Montreal road rage
  202. Disabled Student Protester Stops Police Van London.
  203. Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper Convicted
  204. Want a Lawsuit With That? McD's Clerk Spits on Customer
  205. Muriel Morris' Meal Machine cafe a Woman poisons 47 police with sandwiches
  206. No verdict yet in Elizabeth Smart case
  207. Report: Va. Tech slow to spread word about 2007 shooting
  208. California officials to sift through ashes of 'bomb factory' house
  209. Pair jailed over fatal 1987 bag snatch
  210. Boy jailed for fatal shooting of 11yo friend in New Zealand
  211. Smart kidnapping case nears end
  212. Publicist was killed in random holdup
  213. Boy, 15, guilty in taped fatal beating
  214. Read WikiLeaks, lose a job?
  215. Cops: Ivy League drug ring busted; 5 held
  216. Police officer Falls off hishorse and gets Trampled By It.
  217. Dutch Police Nab 16-Year-Old in Hacking Attacks
  218. New York bomb plotter's father faces new charges
  219. Judge denies delay of 'bomb factory' burn
  220. Amber Alert issued in Florida for missing Virginia girl
  221. Police: Possible link between 2 murders, 3 assaults
  222. 'We must tackle prison overcrowding'
  223. Police shoots bear after bear tries to climb in their car.
  224. Search Called Off for Missing Mom
  225. University Accounting Prof Fired for Stripping in Class
  226. Polygamist 'prophet' faces bigamy trial
  227. Dad directs cops to boy's body
  228. Police: Missing girl's mom was slain
  229. LAPD seeks 'person of intrest' in Sampras trophy theft
  230. Weather halts search for woman
  231. EU proposes jail time for insider trading
  232. Raw Footage: Police Relase Dashcam Footage Of Shooting On Indian Reservation
  233. Baltimore Bomb Suspect Obsessed With Jihad
  234. Peter Brown A Killer who stabbed 'vulnerable' men jailed for 40 years
  235. Suspect wants judge to delay burning of "bomb factory" house
  236. Mental evaluation of suspected Fort Hood shooter to continue
  237. War vet charged with stalking church group released from jail
  238. Accused killer's dad: Help sell cars, get an interview
  239. Suicide gun to be tested in Hollywood publicist's killing probe
  240. Sentence Uncertain in Auburn Murder Case
  241. DiCaprio Slasher Gets 2 Years
  242. Lenny Kempley jailed for killing ex-robber who had stabbed him
  243. Boys guilty of homeless Darlington man's killing
  244. Indonesia frees people smuggling suspects
  245. Cops: Did girl, 12, willingly go with man?
  246. Footprints in the snow add to mystery
  247. Honeymoon slaying suspect back home
  248. October trial for North Shore murder accused
  249. Girl Missing, Mom Found Dead
  250. Users Sue YouPorn for Spying on Them