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Thread: Pregnant girlfriend assaulted over toast

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    Default Pregnant girlfriend assaulted over toast

    A 22-YEAR-OLD Corio man who kicked, pushed, sat on and imprisoned his pregnant girlfriend because he didn't like the way she made his toast will spend the next two months behind bars.

    Christopher Osborne pleaded guilty to 18 charges including recklessly cause injury, assault by kicking, false imprisonment, violating a suspended sentence and numerous driving offences.

    Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Kerrie Moroney said the victim had contacted police on April 3 after she had been kicked on April 2. She was thrown around on April 10.

    "On May 31, when the victim was four months pregnant, she made him toast and he didn't like the way she made it," Sen-Constable Moroney said.

    "They then argued about each other going out to visit friends.

    "The accused then hit her to the back of the head, the victim hit back and he pulled her back to the floor and she landed on a dinner plate. She said she was concerned for her baby because she hit the floor quite hard."

    The court heard how the victim was then chased around the house and attempted to hide in the kitchen and the bathroom, and made repeated attempts to escape out the back door.

    She suffered extensive bruising to her arm and a cut lip and was pushed and kicked to the floor numerous times.

    "Scared for her baby, she crouched down to protect her baby. She called to her housemate to phone police but they did not do anything," Sen-Constable Moroney said.

    "She felt he would never let her out and because she was in a lot of pain she laid down (in the living room) and he has laid next to her. When he fell asleep she escaped."

    Sen-Constable Moroney said it was not yet know if the baby had sustained any long-term injuries.

    She said the victim no longer wanted any contact with Osborne.

    Adrian Paull, for Osborne, said during his client's 15 days in custody mainly in the Geelong police cells he had struggled and was worried about not seeing his young daughter from a previous relationship.

    "It's brought everything into sharp focus," Mr Paull said.

    Magistrate Ron Saines said the fact that the victim was pregnant and that Osborne had violated the suspended sentence were aggravating factors in the case.

    "I accept the last 15 days have been a pretty savage wake-up call," he said.

    "The court is doing the best it can to give you an opportunity to take control. As a person in your early 20s you need to decide how much time you want to spend in Victoria's prisons. You've got a solid base to rebuild from; it's up to you what you make of it."

    Mr Saines restored the 14-day jail suspended jail term, sentenced Osborne to six months jail with four months suspended for 18 months, placed him on a 12-month community corrections order with 60 hours community work and anger management treatment conditions, fined him $800 and disqualified his licence for six months.

    Pregnant girlfriend assaulted over toast | Geelong, VIC, Australia

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    Default Re: Pregnant girlfriend assaulted over toast

    What an A Grade 1 COWARD hopefully the sentence will be appealed sould have recieved 3-4 yrs nothing under, if his girlfriend had any sense she would be rid of him.

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