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    rss Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

    Elrado S. Telfer Jr.
    Thursday, April 28, 2005

    On April 28, 2005 the victim in this case was shot by a masked assailant. He was shot several times as he sat in the passenger side of a vehicle in the Subway parking lot at 1800 45th Street Mangonia Park, Florida.


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    When 19-year-old Elrado Telfer Jr. was shot to death this week at a Mangonia Park shopping plaza, his younger brother, Elrado Telfer III, was there, too.

    The 13-year-old and his mother, Marcia Fenner, were inside a barbershop at 3:15 p.m. Thursday, while his older brother, unbeknownst to them, sat in a Chevrolet parked out front. The brothers share the same father.

    "We were in the barbershop," Fenner recalled Friday afternoon. "I had no idea he was the person that had been shot."

    During the shooting of Telfer Jr., Fenner and her son left the shop. When relatives later learned who the victim was, they went back to the scene and grieved for hours.

    Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office investigators collected evidence at the plaza on the 1800 block of 45th Street until about 2 a.m. Friday and continue to pursue leads, Sheriff's spokesman Paul Miller said. By midnight Thursday, investigators had discovered that the white 2004 Lexus used in the shooting was burned and abandoned on the 4700 block of Serafica Drive, in Lake Worth.

    The vehicle was stolen from someone in Palm Beach Gardens. However, no motives have been established and no arrests have been made.

    The whole family came together Friday afternoon to mourn the aspiring athlete who planned to pursue a sports career playing basketball as soon as he recovered from a knee injury. Relatives said the "fun-loving" young man had earned the nickname "Bozo" as a term of endearment.

    The family gathered around Telfer Jr.'s mother, Angela Telfer, as she greeted relatives arriving at her home in West Palm Beach with an embrace and sobs.

    "These people who go around killing other people; it has to stop," said Angela Telfer. "He was my oldest son. Now I have to plan a funeral."

    By Friday evening, relatives who were gathered at the home decided they would return to the location where Telfer Jr. died and place flowers where the shooting occurred. The idea made Telfer III shake his head.

    "You never expect it to happen to someone you know," he said.

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