Olof Palme

Olof Palme became Prime Minister of Sweden in 1969 and was so until 1976 and again 1982 to 1986. During his time in office he made headlines by being a strong opponent to the Vietnam war as well as being to soft on the Soviet Union. He also felt strong for developing countries and the need to help them. As a Prime Minister Olof Palme was both hated and loved. Good or bad most people in Sweden had very strong opinions about him.

The murder of Olof Palme

On the 28th of February 1986 Olof Palme went to see a film in Stockholm at the movie theater Grand. With him was his wife (Lisbet Palme), son (Mårten Palme) and Mårtens fiancé. The movie began at 21:15. After the film ended all four of them stayed for abit talking outside the theater. At 23:15 the two couples went seperate ways. Palme and his wife started to walk south along Sveavägen (a streetname in central stockholm). When they passed Tunnelgatan (streetname) a man walked up to Palme and shot him in the back. The exact time of this shot is estimated to 23.21.30. The bullet killed him at once. A second was fired shortly after that causing a small injury along the back of Lisbet. After this the killer took of along Tunnelgatan and up the stairs heading for Malmskillnadsgatan (streetname).

After this calls started to come in to the 90000 (today this number is 112 in Sweden) SOS emergency line. The first call only said that theres been a murder on Sveavägen. Police arrive at 23:24 and is shortly followed by a ambulance. Palme is taken to hospital and is pronounced dead at 00:06:00.

The Police began a search for the killer but many felt they didnt do all they could have in the hours following the murder. For example the national alarm going out to all emergency personell didnt do so untill 02:05. The following investigation was also to be severly criticised for being lacking. Still the investigation into the murder of Olof Palme was to go on and become the biggest in swedish history and accourding to swedish professor Leif G.W. Persson the biggest in the world. Today 2 people still work fulltime on solving the case.


The suspect is said to have been a man about 175 - 190 cm tall wearing a dark coat and being about 30 to 50 years old.

The number of suspects in the case have ranged from a at the time 33 year old man, later murderd himself in the United States to someone from the Kurdistan Workers' Party but the prime suspect has been Christer Pettersson. He has been placed at the scene by Lisbet saying it was him. Christer was convicted in 1989 but was set free a few months later. This due to lacking policework, lack of technical evidence aswell as the murder weapon. The weapon is missing to this day. Also the fact is that Christer Pettersson didnt have any motive. Christer Pettersson died in 2004.

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There has been ALOT more written about this case but youll have to find that on your own or ask me if theres any information you cant find in english.
Christer Pettersson is probably the prime suspect still but so far police havent really been able to reject or prove anyone as the killer.