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    Default Very Interesting

    So yeah i was just browsing around in here and read older posts that i found really interesting.
    I've never really looked around that much until now...(opps, my bad)

    To be honest, i want to learn how to put up news like you guys but i cant figure how to do it. I'm sure its easy but ummm yeah... not for mwah lol.
    Teach me please people

    Sometimes when i'm browsing other media sites and read their news i think "hey, that would be great to put on CCF ", espesh when others may have missed it. I mean i know there is heaps of news out there, but if i can contribute that would be dandy dont ya think

    The comments, suggestions and different ideas that people have were great.

    Of course i read the whole thread on RickRight (or should that be RickWrong..teehee).. sheesh what a

    I wonder if he was just wanting sensationalism.. like seeing his own words on the screen and getting up peoples noses.
    Anyway, i know hes not worth me typing about but it was Holly who bought me to this community (accidently reading her case) so of course he interested me because i had seen people on the Holly thread mention him now and then (Rick... i mean)
    I was curious to ask if any of the people who follow Hollys case may have an inkling who he might be (RR) as some are obvioulsy from where Holly lived. ( i get that from posts)
    Would be interesting to know.

    Anyway Doc or any other Admin.. if i have put this in the wrong place soz about that.

    I sort of had a 2 fold reason for posting here.
    One because of the topics i found in this area... and 2, because of Holly.


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    Default Re: Very Interesting

    All you need to put the sensation for the peoples, most of the media organisations are working on this method, some times they just make a fake news.

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