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Thread: What is the good name for this Seruak killer??

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    Default What is the good name for this Seruak killer??

    I've spawned a new novel. It's about a viscous serial killer. I'm doing what Stephen King did and taking more than one idea and combining them together. For this person, I combined the likes of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and The BTK Killer. Like Bundy, this guy is very charming and manipulative. He lures his victims into traps. This killer makes his victims watch as he kills another. He keeps his victims in captivity in his basement by binding and gagging them. Like BTK, he binds them, strangles them until they pass out, and then does it again. Like Dahmer, he dismembers the bodies and stores them in his freezer. He likes to eat some of his victims. He keeps certain parts of their bodies as trophies. Every night, when he's not killing or stalking his victims, the guy likes to whack off to his home videos of him killing and torturing his victims. I'm trying to think of a good name for a serial killer. So far this is the list of names I've come up with.

    James Mallory
    Peter Gaskins
    Lance Bowman
    Danny Schreiber
    Richard Kaufman
    Tommy Mulholland
    Montgomery Jasper
    Sean Womack
    Bryce Mercer

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    What about Ted Wayne.

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