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Thread: Gang Slang

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    Default Gang Slang

    "Slanging and Banging"

    Do you know the meaning of the above two terms?

    Whether they are communicating orally, in writing, or spray painting words or symbols (graffiti) on a wall or building, gangs have created a unique language of their own. Some of the words and symbols have a universal gang use and meaning, while others have an ethnic, cultural, or regional meaning. In addition, a number of other terms and slogans have been given meanings other than the original meaning.

    Sgt. Curtis Jackson, (retired) of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, very accurately describes how slang is used in his book, "A Line in the Turf. The following excerpt from his book clearly points out how slang may have different meanings all over the country.

    Their street slang may be different. Yes, there will be some of the same terminology used by a lot of different gangs, but again each area will have it's own street slang. Is a shotgun a "gauge", "break down", or "sprayer" or something else? A revolver a "trey-eight" or "double deuce", a bicycle a "dime speed", a vehicle a "hoop" or "bomb". When gang members say they left, did they "book" or "raise"? Remember it's the job of the local law enforcement gang officer to figure out what is applicable for his/her own area."

    The information below has been gathered from numerous sources. Although this list is believed to be the most extensive slang list on the Internet, It represents only a small sample of the many symbols, words and slogans used by "gang bangers." Also included are some "rap" terms as well as some of the more familiar street and prison gang names.

    First loves...First kisses...
    My first look at my newborn son...
    When I am cold and dead...
    All these memories will be gone...
    Like tears in rain...
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    Default Alternative Pronunciation

    Used to shorten, alter, or change the sound of a word. Often used for ease of rhyming or to fit into rhythm, such as placing emphasis on the "O" vowel, while dropping the end consontants. Can also be used as self referential humor, by adopting a known variation in pronunciation used in local or regional settings, movies or popular media, dialects, accents, etc, with the end result of an intentional adopted spelling of this pronunciation.

    Visit Gangs Or Us for more great Gang Information

    * aight, aite, aw-ite - all right
    * axe - ask "I want to axe you a question."
    * befo' - before "I told you this befo'.’"
    * biatch - bitch
    * da' - the "He's da' man."
    * dat - that "I love dat."
    * dis - this "I love dis."
    * down - I'm up for it. "I'm down."
    * fitty - fifty "He's fitty years old.'
    * flava - flavor
    * flow - to rap, can also be used as a noun, "Listen to my flow."
    * flo' - floor
    * fo'(1)- for "This is fo' my Aunt."
    * fo'(2) - the number four.
    * fo'(3) - short for before, or any -fore suffix.
    * ho - prostitute, short for whore
    * mo' - more "I can't stand it no mo."
    * moo' - move "moo’ over there for me."
    * nigga, niggaz - one's boyz, those one hangs out with
    * 'sup - what's up

    Alternative Spelling
    Spelling that alters letters in a word but results in roughly the same pronunciation. The intent is to place more emphasis on a part of the word than in the traditional pronunciation.
    * boi - boy
    * herre - here, pronounced as "her", introduced by rap artist Nelly in
    song lyrics, "It's getting hot in herre."
    * phat - very cool

    Conjoined Words

    Words that are combined for ease of pronunciation, and to reduce the total number of syllables.

    * busta - snitch, "You's a busta."
    * fugly - fucking ugly, "She looks fugly."
    * hella - hell of "He's hella cool."
    * payce - peace "Payce dawg."

    Partial Words

    Uses part of a word to represent an entire word.
    * cuz - short for because
    * cuz(2) - a citation what's up cuz? / cousin, especially in Crips
    slang "He's my cuz."
    * feds - short for Federal Agents, refers to cops or other law
    enforcement agencies
    * popo - cops, short for police
    * po' - poor "He's too po' to afford a house."
    * sitch - situation

    Replacement Suffix

    The ending of a word is removed, and replaced with a new suffix used as a substitute, much like Pig latin.

    * bizzle - bitch
    * fizzle - can be female or fuck
    * hizzle(1) - house
    * hizzle(2) - hook, as in "Off the hook"
    * nizzle - nigga
    * rizzle - real
    * shiznit - shit
    * shizzle - sure
    * tizzle - a state of agitation or nervousness

    * bail - leave "I'm gonna bail."
    * be - are, am, is - usually refers to location "I be over here." or
    "He be sleeping right now."
    * bent - intoxicated
    * buggin' - acting in a manner which is not socially acceptable "Why
    she buggin'?"
    * bumpin' - to one's liking "That song is bumpin'."
    * busta cap - to shoot a gun "I'ma busta cap in yo ass."
    * busta move - to act quickly, or to perform a dance move
    * bust out(1) - to leave, to exit. "He busted out of the club."
    * bust out(2) - to show or introduce something. "He busted out a
    deck of playing cards from his coat pocket."
    * chillin' - relaxing. "We chillin' at State and 3rd."
    * dime - hot girl
    * diss - to show disrespect.
    * fittin' or fixin' - going to do something "I'm fittin' to buy me some
    * gank - to steal "He ganked my ride."
    * jet - leave "We gotta jet."
    * lunchin' - behaving erratically
    * roll out - to leave
    * scrap - to fight "We scrapped in the back yard."
    * spit - see flow.

    * booty - buttocks, especially female
    * guns - muscular arms
    * puntang, poontang, punanny, pooty, poot - female genitalia

    Brand Names & Commercial Trademarks
    Learn more about Product Mentions in Rap Music.
    * Benz - short for Mercedes Benz, known for luxury automobiles
    * Cristal - Roederer Cristal, a brand of champagne
    * Lex - short for Lexus, known for luxury automobiles

    Consumer Products
    * bub - short for bubbly, i.e. champagne
    * rims - wheels of a vehicle, often a customized wheel replacing a
    manufacturer wheel, with an appealing design or "bling-bling"
    appearance. Size is also a factor, generally twenty to twenty-four
    inches denotes luxury or extra expense.
    * whip - car

    Drug Terms
    * bud - marijuana
    * dime, dimebag, dimesack, sawbuck - a ten dollar "bag" of illicit
    * ice - crystalized methamphetamine, ice cream, dream catcher
    * mac - blunt
    * nick, nickel, nickelbag, nickelsack, - a five dollar "bag" of illicit
    * yayo, yay - cocaine
    * weed - buda, shwag, mota, bud, mary jane, dodo, green, fire,
    smoke, peace stick, watar, bluntos
    * hydro - dro, dodo, banga, ganja, dank, sticky
    * elbow - LB (lb.) pound of illicit drugs
    * dub - a twenty dollar "bag" of illicit drugs
    * quarter - a twenty five dollar "bag" of illicit drugs
    * eight ball - an eight ounce "bag" of illicit drugs
    * roll - MDMA, ecstasy pill

    Gang Terms
    * gangsta - member of a street gang
    * playa - someone who is not monogamous / someone who's really
    in, someone who's got a lot of respect
    * playa hata - one who has ill feelings towards the actions of a
    playa / someone with no respect, wanksta
    * thug - hard core gangster
    * wanksta - fake ass gangsta
    * P.H.D. - pimping hoes daily
    * noassatall - no ass at all
    * chillax - chilling while relaxing
    * white girl - cocaine, coke, yayo, blow,the shit

    Gun Terms

    * cap - bullet
    * Mac 10, Mac - gun
    * nine, nina - 9mm handgun
    * piece - gun
    * strapped up - holding a gun
    * AR - AR 15 machine gun
    * K - ak 47
    * pump - shotgun
    * pistol - gun
    * heat - gun
    * biscuit - gun
    * ruger - gun
    * 4 pounda - 40 caliber gun
    * 44 - 44 caliber gun


    * areous - area
    * crib - place of residence
    * hood - neighborhood
    * bodega - corner store
    * the shops - mall somewhere to go shopping

    * 313 - from, of, or referring to a Detroit (telephone) area code
    * 213 - from, of, or referring to a southern California (telephone)
    area code
    * 411 - information, from the telephone directory service in the US
    * 420 - marijuana related, from the police code used for possession
    or use of marijuana
    * 5-0 - police (referring to the television show Hawaii Five-O)
    * 808 - police code for excessive noise pollution, supposedly named
    after a sound system of the same name.
    * 730 - the code for crazy
    * 247 - all day hustle
    * 187 - murder
    * 817 - Fort Worth TX,(funkytown, murderworth,and partyworth)
    telephone area code

    * benjamins - refers to 100 dollar bills after the American president
    Benjamin Franklin, whose face is on them. "It's all about the
    * bling bling - expensive jewelry or other expensive material
    possessions, refers to the imaginary sound of glistening metal or
    other shiny surfaces. "bling bling" added to Oxford Dictionary
    * bo janglin' – stupid, not paying attention
    * busted - ugly nigga, "Yo' girl is busted."
    * dope - cool, tight
    * dime - a very attractive woman, a "ten" on a scale of one-to-ten
    * fly - appealing "She is so fly."
    * koolin' it - kickin' it, chilling
    * kickin' - appealing "Those rims are kickin."
    * straight - okay
    * the shit - awesome, great. "That man is the shit."
    * tight - attractive "Your car is tight."
    * wack - not to one's liking "This relationship is totally wack."
    * ba-donka-donk - an incredibly attractive ass


    * boo - boy/girlfriend, beau
    * boyz - gang friends
    * brurva - a male acquaintance
    * crew - one's good friends (similar to boyz)
    * haps - mother
    * hoodrat - girl with loose morals
    * homie, homey, homeboy - friend
    * jigga - acquaintance, alternate of "nigga"
    * peeps - people, acquantainces
    * shorty - girl, or girl on the side


    * jakes - cops
    * jonx - belongings
    * junk - stuff, belongings, male or female genitals
    * shit - stuff, belongings. "Get away from my shit."
    * lowckin - checking out the scene


    * da bomb - the bomb, i.e. cool, appealing, or popular
    * my bad - my mistake
    * off the hook, off the chain - unbelievable, outrageous, wild, etc.
    * peace out - good bye
    * rise up, foo - bring it on
    * school ya - to teach a lesson, to win a confrontation
    * sku me - excuse me
    * whas goin' down? - what are we doin` tonight?
    * what tha dilly yo? - what is going on?
    * what up? - hello, how are you?
    * word up - got that straight, that's right, or how's it going?

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    First loves...First kisses...
    My first look at my newborn son...
    When I am cold and dead...
    All these memories will be gone...
    Like tears in rain...
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    Default Numbers And Symbols

    $ - Power and money

    0-0 - Double ought buck shot (shot gun)

    000 - Blood

    001 - Blood love

    006 - Silence (used by Black Gangster Disciples)

    013 - Get him; assault someone (Bloods)

    023 - Watch your back (Bloods)

    025 - What rank are you (Bloods)

    031 - I am Blood

    041 - Kill the Crip (Bloods)

    13 - 13th letter of the alphabet-"M"; may be used for
    marijuana or methamphetamine

    13 or XIII or X3 - Symbolizes gangs of Hispanic heritage
    showing allegiance to Southern California; Sureño 13, Sur 13

    13 1/2 - Represents: 12 jurors, one judge, half-ass chance

    14 or XIV or X4 - Used by Hispanic gangs for Northern
    California (14th letter of alphabet - N) - Norteño 14, Norte 14

    18 - 18th Street Gang

    18th Street - Hispanic Los Angeles street gang - aligned with
    Mexican Mafia

    100 Proof - The real thing

    187 - California penal code for murder ; may be seen in graffiti as a threat that someone will be killed i.e. 187 John Doe; may also be worn as a tattoo

    1 AD 7 - See 187 above

    211 - California penal code - robbery ; also Crip term meaning Blood Killer
    (2nd and 11th letters of alphabet - B K

    212 - NY City telephone area code (Manhattan); also Blood term
    (Tampa, FL) meaning Blood Love

    274 - Black Gangster Disciples (2nd, 7th and 4th letters of alphabet) - B.G.D.)

    2-15-19 - Brothers of Struggle (2nd 15th and 19th letters of alphabet) - B.O.S.

    2-7-4-14 - Code for Black Gangster Disciples Nation (B.G.D.N.- 2nd, 7th, 4th and 14th letters of alphabet)

    23/24 - Inmates on lockup - 23 out of 24 hours each day

    24/7 or 247 - Constantly - 24 hours per day, 7 days a week

    26ers - Two Sixers - Chicago street gang

    3 - 3rd letter of alphabet: C - frequently used by Bloods to replace the letter C in words to disrespect the Crips i.e. Bla3k, Mi3key 3obras

    3C - 3=trey plus C - forms Spanish word trece meaning the number 13

    3 R's - Respect, Reputation, Revenge

    311 - Used by Bloods meaning Crip Killer (3rd and 11th letters of alphabet -
    C K

    312 - Crip Love - 3rd and 12th letters of alphabet - C L

    360 - Folk Nation - numbers representing "full circle of knowledge"

    360 degrees - A "pure" Black Gangster Disciple

    40's - 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor

    410 - Gangster Disciple code for "Folks in battle"

    420 - Gangster Disciple code for "Disciple trouble" or "Disciples in trouble"; Also refers to the time of day "pot" smokers light up; sometimes seen in graffiti

    415's - Gang name taken from the telephone area code for San Francisco, CA area

    5 - Number symbolic to People Nation

    The following slang terms are Blood terms, used to disrespect Crips and the Folk Nation

    5 FLYIN 6/ DIEIN
    5 cKlippin 6 DRIPPIN`

    5 in the sky.....6 must die - Revenge; a People Nation member was killed - a retaliation against the Folks Nation will take place

    5%, 5%er - Five Percenters

    5 Percent - Five Percenters

    5 Point Star - Symbolic to the People Nation

    5 Poppin, 6 Droppin - People Nation - Term used to disrespect gangs in the Folks Nation; People Nation (5) members shooting at Folk Nation (6)members

    5-0 - The police

    510 - Oakland, CA area code; used by some to identify the location of their gang or set

    50/50 - Neutral; non-gang member

    5150 - Refers to a California Mental Health code; may be used to indicate the mental status of a person. May also indicate a threat by using the 5th and 1st letters of the alphabet "E" and "A" and the slang number for police "50" to mean Eradicate All Police

    6 - Number symbolic to Folk Nation

    6-6-2 - MOB; Numbers represent letters on telephone keypad

    6-6-6 - Symbol for Aryan Brotherhood, Folks and Crips; also satanic cults

    6 Point Star (of David) - Symbolic to gangs within the Folk Nation

    6 Poppin, 5 Droppin - Folk Nation - Term used to disrespect gangs in the People Nation; Folk Nation (6) members shooting at People Nation (5) members

    7 - Refers to the 7th letter of the alphabet "G"; may represent G for Gangster or G for God (Five Percenters)

    7-4 - Code for Gangster Disciples (7th & 4th letters of alphabet) - G.D.

    730 - New York State section of law that deals with mental health evaluations; used as Bloods code; describes "crazies"

    88 - White Supremacist - Heil Hitler (8th letter of alphabet - H)

    8-Ball - 1/8 ounce of cocaine; alliance of Crips with the Folk Nation

    911 - Warning that police are coming

    Source Gangs Or Us

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    First loves...First kisses...
    My first look at my newborn son...
    When I am cold and dead...
    All these memories will be gone...
    Like tears in rain...
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    Great post Lucky
    That is very interesting.
    did not think there would be this much slang

    We want you to Blog Crime Case Files Blog
    (interested ? ask me how)
    It is good to have an end to journey towards;
    but it is the journey that matters in the end
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    Default Letters A-D


    AB - Aryan Brotherhood

    ABG - Anybody Gets It

    ABT - Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

    ADR - Used by Latin Kings; Spanish: Amor de Rey (love to the king)

    AKIA - A Klansman I Am (KKK)

    AKIGY - A Klansman Is Greeting You

    ALKN - Almighty Latin King Nation

    AN - Aryan Nation (use the guise of religion)

    ANP - American Nazi Party

    AOK - Always Out Killing

    ARM - Aryan Resistance Militia

    A Buster - A fake or imitation

    A-Town - Atlanta, GA

    Academy - Prison or jail

    Ace Kool - Best friend; backup

    Ad Seg - Administrative Segregation; prison disciplinary unit

    Adidas - Used by Crips; All Day I Destroy A Slob (Bloods)

    AK - Semi-automatic weapon;AK-47

    Alice - Aryan Brotherhood

    All Is Good - Term used by People Nation

    All Is One - Term used by Folks Nation

    All Is Good - Term used by People Nation

    Almighty Latin King Nation - Hispanic street gang

    Always and forever - Blood for life

    Answer up - Bloods; Respect your superiors orders

    Approved For The Hood - Approved for membership in the Aryan Brotherhood

    Aryan Brotherhood of Texas - White supremacist prison gang


    BP - Brown Pride (Hispanic)

    BFL - Blood For Life

    BG - Baby gangster; very young member

    BGD - Black Gangster Disciple; also known as Better Growth and Development in attempt to improve image

    BGDN - Black Gangster Disciple Nation

    BGF - Black Guerrilla Family prison gang

    BIH - Burn in hell

    BK - Blood Killer - term used by Crips

    BKA - Blood Killer Always

    BLA - Black Liberation Army - terrorist group

    BMW - Bob Marley Wheels - Used by Jamaican Posses as a tribute to Bob Marley - BMW is favorite automobile of the posses

    BNG - Bahala Na Gang - Filipino street gang

    Bomb - Marijuana laced with heroin

    BOS - Brothers of Struggle - prison faction of Gangster Disciples; also Beat On Sight

    BOSS - Brothers of Steady Struggle (same as BOS)

    BPP - Black Panther Party

    BPSN - Black P Stone Nation gang

    BTK - Born To Kill; Vietnamese street gang

    BWP's - Bitches With Problems

    B Queen - Female member of Bloods

    B's Up C's Down - Disrespect of Crips by Bloods

    Baby Gangster - Very young (7-12 years) children, who are used by gang to act as lookouts, hold drugs, guns, etc.

    Bad Bone - I don't trust him

    Baile - To fight (from Spanish verb meaning to dance)

    Baller - A high rolling gang member (making money)

    Bandera - Spanish for "flag"; refers to gang colors

    Banger - Gang member

    Bangin'- Gang fighting or violence; being in a gang

    Barrio (Varrio) - Spanish for "neighborhood"

    Base-head - Person hooked on "coke"

    Be down - Loyalty; defends set during adversity

    Beemer - BMW automobile

    Benzo - Mercedes Benz automobile

    Be Real - Prepare for war

    Beggars - Derogatory term used by Bloods for Muslims

    Big Boy - Upper echelon (leader) gang member

    Bitch - Someone who does not show respect; a sucker

    Blob - Crips derogatory term for Bloods

    Bloods - Black street gang originated in Los Angeles

    Blood In - Initiation - Initiated member must shed someone's blood; may include murder

    Blood Out - Member's blood spilled to get out of gang

    Blood In-Blood Out - Mexican Mafia motto; A requirement to join some gangs - to join, you must kill someone; your death (natural or by being killed) is the only way out of the gang

    Blood Killer - Term used by Crips

    Blow Man - Gang member selected to shoot or kill someone

    Blue Birds - Believed to be the original name of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang

    Blunt - A cigar with most tobacco removed and replaced with marijuana; may also be laced with cocaine

    Body Shop - Clinton Correctional Facility (NY); used by Bloods

    Boned out - Quit; chickened out; left

    Book - To run away or leave

    Born Mecca - Five Percenter's name describing Baltimore, MD

    Bote - Jail (Spanish)

    Bounce - To go somewhere; to leave

    Bowling ball - An automobile painted with speckled paint

    Brace Ya Self - Chill; fall back

    Brand - Tattoo

    Break - Run; get away

    Breakdown - A shotgun

    Bro - A brother

    Brother - A fellow gang member

    Bud - Marijuana cigarette

    Buck - Prison made alcohol; home brew

    Bucket - Old junky car

    Bull - Meaning: Bloods Usually Live Longer

    Bullet - One year in custody

    Bumble bee - Latin Kings

    Bumper kit - A girl's rear end

    Burgers - Derogatory term for Latin Kings

    Bust a cap - To shoot at someone

    Busted - Shot at someone; to be arrested

    Buster - A fake gang member - derogatory term for Norteño

    Busters, The - The police


    CAT - Crippin' All (the) Time

    CFL - Crip For Life

    CK - Crip Killer - term used by Bloods

    CVL - Conservative Vice Lords gang

    C Queen - Female Crips member

    C World - Crips World

    C's Up B's Down - Disrespect of Bloods by Crips

    Califas - Hispanic slang for Southern California

    Candy land - Green Haven Correctional Facility (NY)

    Carnal - Hispanic prison/street gang member; a brother

    Carnala - Hispanic female "sister"

    Catorce - Spanish for number "14"

    Check it out - Listen to what I am saying

    Checked in - Used by Hispanics; meaning to be initiated into a gang

    Chill out - Stop doing that; cool it; calm down

    Chillin - Hanging out; relaxing

    Chill Town - Long Island; Coney Island

    Chip dog - Gang member who skims money, drugs

    Chipping - Infrequent or occasional use of narcotics

    Chiva - Slang: Spanish for heroin

    Chola - Hispanic girl involved with gangs

    Cholo - Hispanic boy involved with gangs

    Chuco - Derived from "Pachuco"; an early 1940's Hispanic gang member; also slang for El Paso, Texas

    Clica - Spanish slang for "gang"

    Clique - Synonymous with gang

    Cold Storage - Solitary confinement (prison)

    Come with power - Bring your gang; a gang fight

    Contract - An ordered homicide

    Colors - Item of clothing worn to signify gang membership

    Cop - To get, to steal

    Cop Shop - Police station

    Courting in - Initiation process - fighting 2 or more gang members for a set number of seconds (usually 15 to 30)

    Courting out - Departing member fights 2 or more gang member for a set number of seconds (usually 15 to 60)

    Cousin - Enemy of Bloods (Crips)

    Crab - Derogatory name for Crips - used by Bloods

    Crank it - Turn the music up loud

    Crew - Synonymous with gang

    C.R.E.A.M. - Cash Revolves Everyday Around Me

    Crips - Black street gang originating in Los Angeles

    Crip Killer - Term used by Bloods, Latin Kings

    Crippin' - Involved in gang banging- used by Crips

    Cuete - Gun (Spanish)

    Curb service - To sell narcotics (usually crack cocaine) on the street

    Cuz, Cuzz - Crips member

    Cuzzin - Cripping; being a gangster


    DDP - Dominicans Don't Play gang

    DK - Disciple Killer

    D Mecca - Five Percenter's name describing Detroit, MI

    DWB - Dirty White Boys prison gang

    Da Jungle - Brooklyn, NY

    Da Projects - Sing Sing Prison

    Damu - Swahili for "Blood"; used by Bloods

    Dawg (dog) - Friendly greeting for someone

    De Corazon - Used by Neta; Spanish for "From the heart"

    Dead Presidents - Currency; money

    Dead Rag - Red rag; derrogatory term used by Crips for the Bloods red colors

    Death Row - New York City

    Def - Slang - short for death

    Demonstration - Gang fight

    Desert - Five Percenter name describing Queens, NY

    Deuce and a half - 25 caliber semi-automatic pistol

    Dime - 10 year prison sentence; $10 bag of drugs

    Dis - Slang for "disrespect"

    Disciple Queen - Disciple gang's female sex object

    Dissed Out - Given no respect; disrespect

    Dissin - Disrespecting another person

    Divorced - To get out of a gang

    Do a ghost - To leave the area

    Doing A Rambo - Attack a person

    Dog - Gun (used by Jamaican Posses)

    Dogging - Mistreating someone

    Dog Pound - East Coast street gang

    Doing a jack - Committing a robbery

    Don - Next rank under "king"

    Donuts - Derogatory term for Black Gangster Disciples

    Double deuce - 22 caliber weapon

    Double O.G. - 2nd generation gang banger

    Down - Connected with - as in "He's down with the set."

    Down for the hood - Loyalty to the neighborhood

    Down for mine - Ability to protect one's self

    Down with the set - Everything's fine; O.K.

    Do you want to ride - Tear his ass up

    Draped - Wearing a lot of jewelry

    Dressed down - Wearing gang related colors

    Drinking 40's - Drinking 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor

    Drippin - Colors

    Drive-by shooting - A planned or a random shooting; sometimes used as an initiation for a new member

    Dropping the flag - Quitting the gang

    Durag - Bandana (handkerchief) worn on the head; usually the gang colors

    Dusted - Killed; high on Angel Dust

    First loves...First kisses...
    My first look at my newborn son...
    When I am cold and dead...
    All these memories will be gone...
    Like tears in rain...
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    Default Re: Letters A-D

    This is a great source of info but not to put a damper on it many of it is out dated and most of the slang terms are not being used. Each gang and area they are from even from city to city have their own "slang". Some even have their own language unless you are in you will have no clue what they are talking about. The reason many do not use a lot of those terms is just that they are out and law enforcement knows them. I can say where I live you can not even tell who they are affiliated with even by the way they dress unless you are trained or in. No I was not and am not in a gang but I do live in one of the worst areas in my city and all around me are gangs. My neighbors people I say hi to everyday. I see and know more then I should because I live here and I am quiet I blend well. The hand signals are a big thing and tattoos are one way to know who the rep. Lets say the obvious is no longer a sure way to tell. The really nice dressed guy clean cut may just be a gang member. I know the ones near me dress really nice except I know what the different clothes mean and the colors and I do not mean red, blue and black either. Orange, black, red, green, white and not alone they mix it up. Its really interesting how they go undetected now by many.

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    Its a long list of words we can make a whole new dictionary.

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