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Thread: Judge Nixes Bathtub at Drew Peterson Trial

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    coffee Judge Nixes Bathtub at Drew Peterson Trial

    Jurors will probably not get to see the actual bathtub in which a former Illinois policeman claims his third wife drowned after a judge ruled on a series of pre-trial motions. Judge Edward Burmila ruled that prosecutors could not introduce the bathtub where Kathleen Savio allegedly drowned during Drew Peterson's murder trial.
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    Judge Nixes Bathtub at Drew Peterson Trial originally appeared on Crime / Punishment on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 at 00:16:57.
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    Default Re: Judge Nixes Bathtub at Drew Peterson Trial

    It's a shame that the Jurors won't be able to see that bathtub. However, I can certainly understand why the Judge doesn't want to impose upon the current owners of the home.

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