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Thread: Polish Police in action and Fight between Polish and Russian at Euro 2012

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    Arrow Polish Police in action and Fight between Polish and Russian at Euro 2012

    "Polish riot police on Tuesday fired warning shots into the air after two people were injured in violence at a march of Russian fans in the capital Warsaw.

    Fifteen Polish football fans have been arrested and two injured after violence flared near a march of Russian fans in the Polish capital Warsaw, an R-Sport correspondent witnessed Tuesday.
    Police fired warning shots into the air after coming under attack from Polish fans, some of whom had intercepted the Russian column.

    Over 5,500 Russian supporters were marching from the city center to the National Stadium ahead of tonight's Euro 2012 clash against Poland.

    One Russian and one Pole were seen being carried off for treatment by police.
    Warning shots were fired when Polish fans hurled bottles, stones and flares at police, who also deployed a water cannon.

    At least one Polish fan was arrested after infiltrating the Russian parade and shouting inflammatory slogans.
    Alexander Shprygin, head of the All-Russian Fans’ Union, was with the Russian fans and told R-Sport that Polish fans had thrown pyrotechnics at the Russians.

    Nikolai Komarov, a spokesman for the Russian Football Union, refused to comment when contacted by R-Sport, saying he was with the Russian team in their hotel in the city center.

    The Russians were marching to celebrate Russia Day, a national holiday which commemorates the end of the Soviet Union.

    The scuffles follow trouble on Friday when some Russian fans assaulted Polish stewards after Russia's 4-1 win over the Czech Republic in Wroclaw.

    There was widespread anger in the Polish media after that match because some Russians displayed Soviet flags, seen by many in Poland as a symbol of foreign occupation.

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