Poll: Do you Support the Death Penalty?

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Thread: Do you Support the Death Penalty?

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    Default I don't support it...

    Because in California death row is nothing but a big money pit. There are many problems with the death penalty, such as executing an innocent person. That's an obvious one. But there are problems that aren't so obvious and they don't just bring harm to one innocent person, but to all of society. California is a perfect example of how the criminal justice system has abused the death penalty to the point that its a broken joke. Killers in California actually prefer death row because they know that they will never see the needle or any other form of capital punishment.

    Unfortunately the death penalty debate is usually an emotional debate based on an eye for an eye justice, which blinds people to the real facts which are it costs too much, it doesn't deter future crimes and authorities can't be trusted not to abuse it.

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    I don't really support it. The only way i support the death penalty is if he/she is a threat
    to other prisoners and could possibley go after someone, or may try to get out.
    If they done it then i sopport it, becuase they may try to get out again.

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    Default Re: Do you Support the Death Penalty?

    I have never been for the death penalty, and back in the 1970's when the moratorium was instated throughout most of the country, I was happy to see that. I know the reason most people support the death penalty, and I believe there's really only one reason. Those who commit first degree murder, capital offenses, crimes against children, etc.; serial killers and those atrocious crimes we hear about deserve to die for what they've done. An eye for an eye. Revenge is all it really is. However, there are several reasons to be against the death penalty. One, if we kill those who kill others, we are no better than they are. 2. Innocent people have faced the death penalty, and I would rather see all those on death row's sentence commuted to life without parole to save that one innocent person. 3. If your religion preaches against murder, how can anyone, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. rationalize taking another's life. Should you do that you have the same sin on your hands as the convicted criminal that has also taken a life. How can one who portrays themselves a Christian and take someone's life, either out of vengeance or believing it justice, its not something Jesus taught us. I just don't get their rationality. I guess for me the most important reason is that I know I couldn't possibly take another's life without grave consequences to my psyche. I was in a position once, where I was being sexually attacked, and my husband carried a gun under the front seat of the car I was driving that night. As I was fighting him off, I was reaching for the gun. However, it wasn't there. My husband had removed it before I'd taken a trip to visit my parents in another state. I fought him off, and wasn't harmed. In fact, he was harmed more than I from my biting and scratching him. I still struggle with myself about what would have happened if I'd found that gun. I don't think I could have dealt with killing that man. I know he meant me harm, and I had to do everything in my power to get away, which I did, but I still, to this day, am grateful I didn't have to take his life.

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    Default Re: Do you Support the Death Penalty?

    Quote Originally Posted by Torcher View Post
    1st degree murder and 2nd offense rape charges. but of course there will always be exceptions
    I don't really give my opinion to be be agree of having Death penalty because in my concern about this we already know that god created all of us and only god can get our life back. Also, when someone get crime we throw this to the jail because no matter what a criminal it is but still they have a chance to change her life from bad into good person.

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