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Thread: Largest drug bust ever in Florida: 400 pounds of cocaine

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    Cool Largest drug bust ever in Florida: 400 pounds of cocaine

    Largest drug bust ever in Tampa, Florida: 400 pounds of cocaine seized total 9 million dollars

    Hillsborough County sheriffs arrested five people in what they are referring to as Hillsborough County’s largest drug bust. Seized was 400 pounds of cocaine, and 4 million dollars in cash. In total, 9 million dollars was seized
    The five arrested are:
    Nicolas Sandoval-Rivera
    DOB 9-10-63
    3225 Crutchfield Road, Lakeland
    Charges: Trafficking in cocaine (400 grams to 150 kilos)
    Conspiracy to traffic in cocaine
    Juan Gonzalez
    DOB 1-29-77
    2907 Bloomingdale Avenue, Valrico
    Charges: Trafficking in cocaine (400 grams to 150 kilos)
    Conspiracy to traffic in cocaine

    Victor Navarrete Delacruz
    DOB 9-16-84
    9410 Grandfield Road, B.
    Charges: Trafficking in cocaine (400 grams to 150 kilos)
    Conspiracy to traffic in cocaine

    Irasema Moreno Rojas
    DOB 11-24-82
    10408 N. Central Avenue, Tampa
    Charges: Trafficking in cocaine (400 grams to 150 kilos)
    Trafficking in cocaine

    Manuel Lopez Ricardo
    DOB 10-24-65
    4703 Coronet Road, Plant City
    Charges: Trafficking in cocaine (400 grams to 150 kilos)
    Conspiracy to traffic in cocaine

    The drug bust was a co effort of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the Tampa Police Department, and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents. The suspects were running a cocaine smuggling operation that received between three and five shipments of cocaine per week. It is believed that the cocaine shipments were smuggled in spare tires that were transported by car carrier trucks. A car carrier truck was used to transport profits to Texas, the money was hidden in cars.

    Detectives, who were performing surveillance, spotted a utility service truck on April 21, 2009. The utility truck was believed to be the truck used to transport the cocaine to a stash house. When the utility truck was surveyed it had four large semi tires. One of those arrested, Ricardo Lopez was spotted following the utility truck. Detectives suspected that the cocaine shipment was being to delivered to Juan Gonzalez’s address located at: 2907 Bloomingdale Avenue, Valrico.

    By April 22, 2009, deputies had a home at 3938 Highway 60 under surveillance. Detectives believe that this home was being used as a stash house. At one point, detectives saw suspect Victor De La Cruz step outside of the home and look through binoculars. De La Cruz then returned into the house retrieving a large duffle bag that he placed in his truck. He repeated the actions, for a total of two duffel bags.

    Knowing it was time to make their move, deputies conducted a traffic stop and obtained consent to search the truck. The duffle bags contained 1.6 million U.S. dollars. A search warrant was granted and served at the Lopez residence located at 3938 Highway 60, Plant City. The search warrant discovered:

    • 1 currency counting machine
    • 1 handgun
    • 2 SKS assault rifles
    • 2 million dollars in U.S. currency
    • 2 vehicles valued at 50,000

    After these items were discovered at the Plant City location, detectives conducted a consent search at the 2907 Bloomingdale Ave location. The following items were located at this search:

    • $350,000 in U.S. currency
    • 179 kilograms of cocaine (the cocaine had been buried in an underground storage container)
    • a 2005 Chrysler valued at $30,000

    Following these two significant discoveries, another search was conducted at the residence of 4703 Coronet Road. Located at this home was:

    • 3 SKS assault rifles
    • 1 revolver
    • 170 grams of cocaine
    • $35,000 in U.S. currency


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    thanks ray

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    Notice that the names all sound unamerican?????

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