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Thread: America's Stupidest Drug Laws, In the War on Drugs

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    new America's Stupidest Drug Laws, In the War on Drugs

    What's more ridiculous than the war on drugs itself? The plethora of strange draconian laws that have cropped up to support it. Don't believe it? Well, Mike Riggs of the libertarian Reason Magazine has come up with a list of the five most ridiculous ones. Judge for yourself:

    • In Texas, you need state permission to buy chemistry equipment. Intended to clamp down on methamphetamines, this law restricts the sale of basic lab equipment like flasks, along with chemicals so common they occur naturally in fruit.

    • In California, dispensaries pay for raids on dispensaries. Last year, Vallejo voters passed a law taxing medical marijuana, without legalizing it. The taxes have been used to raid the facilities paying them.
    • In Florida, a handful of pills can land you three years in jail. Mandatory minimum sentencing laws in Florida are the nation's "most egregious." Four grams of opioid painkillersójust a couple pillsócan get you three years in jail. And because the law counts both the active ingredient and any mixture containing it, a 12-ounce soda with 1 gram of cocaine in it counts as 12 ounces of cocaine.

    Click to read the full list, which includes measures from Louisiana and New York.

    Crime & Courts

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    Default Re: America's Stupidest Drug Laws, In the War on Drugs

    5.) In Texas, it's illegal to buy or sell chemistry equipment without the state's permission

    4.) In California, taxes on dispensaries pay for raids on dispensaries

    3.) In Louisianna, it's illegal for minors to buy magazines that talk about drugs

    2.) In Florida, every drug user is a potential drug trafficker

    1.) In New York, following a police officer's instructions can lead to criminal charges

    Read about these top 5 stupid laws at

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    Angry Re: America's Stupidest Drug Laws, In the War on Drugs

    I completely agree that some of these laws are ridiculous. It's too bad laws are not stricter for child predators, and murderers.

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    Default Re: America's Stupidest Drug Laws, In the War on Drugs

    America is famous and great country in whole world. Here I get such nice details about stupidest drug laws. I visit this website and I get many other news about this drug laws. Due to this I increase my knowledge about different type of laws.

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