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Thread: Police Seeing Red Over Mom Who Put 5-Year-Old In Tanning Booth

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    Lightbulb Police Seeing Red Over Mom Who Put 5-Year-Old In Tanning Booth

    A New Jersey mom is in hot water for supposedly putting her 5-year-old daughter in an artificial tanning booth, according to WABC.

    The young girl's body was burned from the stint in the salon's tanning bed, NBC New York reported.

    The Essex County Prosecutor's office charged the mother, 44-year-old Nutley resident Patricia Krentcil, with second-degree child endangerment.

    If found guilty, Krentcil could wind up where the sun doesn't shine.

    Police arrested her on Tuesday after school officials reported that the kindergarten girl had a severe sunburn.

    Krentcil's father got temporary custody of the girl, according to ABC.

    State law prohibits anyone younger than 14 from entering the booths.


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    Default Re: Police Seeing Red Over Mom Who Put 5-Year-Old In Tanning Booth

    This is disturbing and sad. I sincerely hope that this mother did not allow her child to go into a tanning bed, but the most upsetting part about this is that it seems like this woman needs an inervention for her own tanning problem. She seems to have an addiction or psychological problem. She is sbjecting herself to medical problems associated with overexposure to UV light, risking skin cancers, etc. I hope she gets the help or therapy she needs or this poor little girl will not have a mother at all. Sad.

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