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Thread: David Allan Baker faces contemt charged after unleashing tirade

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    Default David Allan Baker faces contemt charged after unleashing tirade

    A PRISONER who unleashed an amazing foul and hateful tirade on a Supreme Court judge - topped with a remarkable 93 swear words and a pizza order - is facing a contempt charge.

    David Allan Baker's jaw-dropping abuse of well-liked and respected judge Martin Daubney came minutes after he sacked his second set of lawyers - claiming they were incompetent "dogs" - at the proposed commencement of his attempted murder trial more than two weeks ago.

    Baker, 50, also known as Baldwin, tried to secure yet a further delay of his trial with a nasty attack on Justice Daubney - who he labelled "lard arse", and in need of a "Mickey Mouse badge" among a string of other profanities not fit for publishing in a family newspaper.

    When Justice Daubney attempted to call for order regarding the proposed trial, Baker interrupted by asking if he could order a pizza.

    "Well, you can . . . order what you like," Baker said.

    "Order me a (expletive) pizza while you're at it."

    DPP sources yesterday told The Courier-Mail Justice Daubney had referred the matter to their office to consider charging Baker with contempt for his boorish and appalling courtroom behaviour.

    Baker's trial did eventually resume, with new legal counsel appointed to represent him, and resulted in him being convicted and jailed last Friday for 15 years.

    A jury was told Baker stabbed his former girlfriend directly in the heart twice after telling her if he could not have her "then no one else can".

    Despite Baker's repugnant display and disrespect for the court, Justice Daubney maintained a very calm, and at times very humorous, demeanour as the expletives spewed from the accused man's mouth.

    "I was actually called much worse things on the rugby paddock you know," Justice Daubney said.

    And when Baker told Justice Daubney where he could stick his trial, Justice Daubney replied: "That won't be happening."

    David Allan Baker faces contempt charge after unleashing tirade including 93 swear words and a pizza order on Supreme Court judge Martin Daubney | The Courier-Mail

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    Default Re: David Allan Baker faces contemt charged after unleashing tirade

    Well, that fool certainly should have been charged with contempt. He should be put away for a very, very long time. He's already proven that he is NOT fit to be around and that he's very dangerous.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, it is much better to express yourself in a respectful manner. In other words, treat others the way you would like to be treated.

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    Default Re: David Allan Baker faces contemt charged after unleashing tirade

    If he does not order that pizza surely he will be a free person right now,

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